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We are working hard to design our programs and build out the services we offer to families in the autism community. We value your input as we finalize our programs and offerings

Services We'll Be Offering

NuroLux E-Learning Academy & Coaching for Parents and Caregivers

We exist to help families navigate the fractured and frustrating landscape of Autism by helping them create the necessary alliance with their multidisciplinary care team and community.  Led by teams of parents with impacted children and subject-matter experts with proven track records of success, NuroLux’s curriculum and coaching will improve the quality of life for everyone impacted by Autism by providing actionable strategies and solutions. Our virtual curriculum focuses on teaching families what to expect at each stage of their journey while building, navigating and efficiently paying for a thoughtful care plan to meet your family’s unique needs. Families will be organized into small groups—based on the age of your impacted child— to help expand your network of similarly-situated friends navigating similar challenges.

Our coaching, led by vetted professionals who believe that progress for child cannot be best accomplished with siloed professionals who aren’t communicating, will provide a custom, comprehensive family assessment and consulting opportunities to help you prioritize, evaluate and improve available resources to support your family.

Topics NuroLux’s coaching and curriculum will cover include, but are not limited to:

  1. A roadmap for the path ahead upon ASD diagnosis.
  2. The components of the Alliance and a comprehensive coaching plan.
  3. Understanding all available resources in school, and how to get them.
  4. Understanding current ASD research.
  5. How to build, track and refine your child’s IEP or 504 plan.
  6. ASD Insurance 101: Understanding your rights and how to navigate insurance carriers.
  7. Strategies to identify, nurture and share your child’s gifts with the world.
  8. Assessing and planning for your child’s opportunities for employment.
  9. Making the most of ABA or behavioral therapy.
  10. Trusted community resources available for your child.

NuroLux Assessment

NuroLux has designed the Neuro Nav to support families and help them prioritize their unique needs. We have developed this assessment to capture your current needs, recommendations as well possible next steps. Each families journey is their own, much like each child has their own special spark, superpower and gift they bring. NuroLux families will have the opportunity to take the initial Neuro Nav to aid in setting the foundation for their families care plan. Quarterly, families will have an additional Neuro Nav offered that will help them outline what is ahead, proactively addressing upcoming meetings, possible challenges and considerations for specific times of year. Traditionally, families are always chasing and behind due to our current reactive system. The Neuro Nav is blazing the trail for a proactive, informed and enlightened path ahead.

NuroLux Technologies

Sparked by the ideas from parents exhausted navigating countless dead-ends with insurance carriers, school districts and service providers, NuroLux is building technologies to save you time, money and heartache. NuroLux’s technologies will help your family effectively and efficiently navigate the traditionally most-challenging components of care such as social challenges, independence, insurance, and education.

Updates coming soon!