Technology restoring hope for
families impacted
by Autism

Technology restoring hope for
families impacted
by Autism

Our Mission

To ensure every family impacted by Autism receives meaningful education, resources and a custom care plan to light their path ahead.

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Our Community

Our team developed an innovative data driven clinical and educational technology solution created to assess, educate and deliver for families impacted by Autism. We exist to help families navigate the fractured and frustrating landscape of Autism and Autism care.

Asian Parent talking with teacher about Plan education for children. Young family and children discuss or advice with professional family psychologist in office

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the autism community for the past 40 years. I’ve conducted and overseen thousands of autism assessments and related care plans. My passion is also personal, as I have a 60-year old brother impacted by autism who I care for.

- Parent

While services have evolved over the past 40 years, there has been little innovation to meaningfully help families understand the fractured landscape of care, make informed decisions to truly find their loved one’s maximum level of independence and—perhaps most concerning—find love and compassion for themselves as caregivers.

- Dr. Alan Lincoln PhD, MSCP, BCBA-D

When I first received confirmation of a ASD diagnosis, I left with nothing else but a diagnosis on a piece of paper. Little did I know that me, my husband and our children’s life was going to change EVERYTHING!! But, ironically, I was never told that my life as I know it will change drastically. I left that appointment with my piece of paper in hand (evaluation conclusion and diagnoses) and THAT.WAS.IT!! Never was told what lays ahead of me. In a perfect world, knowing then what I know now, I would’ve NEVER has a family leave without educating them FIRST! I would’ve appreciated having someone come along side my husband and I to answer any questions, provide wisdom and resources. Most importantly to offer encouragement.

- Parent

One of the key tools in the NuroLux toolkit is a series of questionnaires. It was relatively painless and certainly helpful in identifying our current state and what was working from our perspective. This process actually provided us a sense of accomplishment on how far our family has come and inspiration for the path ahead.

- Exiting the Nest

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NuroLux™ Founding Member Benefits:

  • Initial coaching session: to interpret baseline assessment, ability to purchase additional coaching session for ongoing needs.
  • Annual Neuro Navigator assessments: to assess and refine current care plan and evolving needs.
  • Caregiver Academy 101: learn the fundamentals of navigating Autism from experienced parents and Autism experts.
  • Navigator assessment: initial baseline of family needs, Navigator Assessment and complimentary coaching session.
  • Concierge Coaching: for purchase as needed, on demand concierge coaching sessions.
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