Founder | CEO

Dr. Jessica Taverniti,

Dr. Jessica Taverniti’s unwavering optimism and energy, a partial product of her Rocky Mountains upbringing, coupled with her over 17 years of experience supporting families impacted by Autism, ignites NuroLux™’s mission. Consistently challenging and improving the status quo in traditional Autism care models, Jessica believes better resources are needed to empower the entire family unit as they navigate their loved one’s Autism journey. A Clinical Psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst by trade, Jessica has worked in every corner of Autism care helping hundreds of families around the country. She’s served as a one-to-one behavioral therapist; an advocate; developed treatment clinics, special-education schools and ADS-focused technologies around the world; supervised therapists and clinicians on every level, and is a sought-after teacher in Doctoral-level programs at several universities. Jessica’s entrepreneurial soul and passion for sharing her vast experience and perspectives will ensure families and individuals impacted by Autism thrive in all aspects of their lives.


Justin Nahama, Esq.

Justin Nahama is a highly-accomplished Marine, leader, business strategist and attorney. Despite his extensive experience and success protecting his clients at two of the largest law firms in the world, nothing prepared him for the challenges he faced navigating his son’s Autism diagnosis around age 2. After experiencing countless exhausting battles with his son’s insurance providers, school district, and other professionals for the next few years—coupled with no clear roadmap for the journey ahead—Justin set out on a path to get answers. He spoke to dozens of families who shared they were experiencing similar frustration, heartbreak and fear about what the future held for their loved ones. Justin then engaged his global network to speak to industry-leading professionals in Autism to understand their perspectives on battle-tested strategies and solutions to better support families. NuroLux™ was born when Justin realized that he was not alone in his journey. In the words of a successful healthcare business owner Justin previously helped, “Justin is a powerhouse leader, any effort Justin leads becomes a movement without fail.” Justin is proudly now helping lead NuroLux™’s movement to level the playing field for all families impacted by Autism.

Founder | CCO

Robert Crousore

Robert Crousore has been an innovator and leader in the healthcare industry for 30 years. His experience spans the entire business enterprise including Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product Innovation and M & A. He sits on various boards and is an active investor in several innovative medical product companies. Robert’s greatest passion is creating meaningful changes in patient care by combining effective healthcare solutions with great teams that are focused on delivering improved clinical and financial outcomes. Throughout his professional life, Robert has been a patient and customer advocate, a visionary product designer and healthcare continuum expert.


Caleb N.

Caleb is a proud NuroLux™ co-founder who serves as the company’s Chief Innovation Analyst. Caleb understands what it feels like to not be understood. He deeply believes that, “it is important to help others because I want everyone to enjoy their lives no matter what challenges they overcome.” Caleb loves to help others, play lacrosse, bodyboard, ski and can usually be found playing with his two dogs.